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What Is A Sit On Top Kayak?

sit on top kayakSo, what exactly IS a Sit On Top Kayak?

When the sit on top kayak was first introduced, kayak manufacturers scoffed at its unusual design. The open cockpit left the rider vulnerable to water, and paddlers were not used to the riding position it required. Traditional (sit-inside) kayaks had the user completely inside the boat, which kept them safe from splashes ñ a key feature in kayak design.

Sit on tops were initially considered beginners’ kayaks and used only for calm lake waters. Soon, however, people began to realize its many advantages, such as comfort, legroom, and safer entry. Sit-on-tops also became more versatile, thanks to companies like Ocean Kayak who improvised the original design. Today, sit-on-tops are made for recreation, touring, fishing, and even water sports like wave riding and diving. Here are some good reasons to switch from traditional kayaks to a sit-on-top:

Easier Entry and Exit

A sit on top kayak has an open cockpit, which make them easier to get in and out of. With a sit-inside kayak, you have to step into a small opening and sit in a cockpit just the right size for you. While this does keep you drier, it takes longer to settle into and exit the boat. Open decks are more convenient for children or elderly and disabled paddlers.

Safer Recovery

During a wipeout, a sit on top kayak allows you to leave the boat and swim to shore, or set it right and get back on board. A sit-inside can stay tied around your waist. It’s hard to get out of your seat when the boat isn’t upright. Experienced users might do a wet exit or roll-over, but beginners may get trapped, and end up getting dragged boat instead of the other way around.

More Comfort

In a closed cockpit, there is usually limited legroom and hardly any space to move around. With a sit-on-top, the sides are open and give you more room to paddle, steer, or just find a comfortable position. This makes them ideal for touring, camping, and long-distance sight-seeing. They are also a great choice for paddlers with big bodies and long legs.

Cheaper and lighter

Sit-on-tops are usually cheaper than sit-insides. This is because the seats are molded into the body, rather than made and fitted separately. This makes it more solid and less prone to damage. The seat is made of the same material as the boat’s body (polyethylene or fiberglass), so it’s also easier to produce. Padded seats or backrests can easily be added to make them more comfortable.

Choosing a Sit-On-Top

Here are some things to remember when buying a sit on top kayak:

Speed and stability: A kayak’s speed depends on its surface area. Speed and stability tend to be opposite traits. The less contact your boat makes with the water, the faster but less stable it will be.

Hull shape: You may notice that some hulls are rounded, while others are sharp or V-shaped. Rounded hulls are mostly found on small whitewater kayaks because they turn faster and help you avoid boulders. V-shaped hulls give you more precision and help you stay on course.

Rocker: This refers to how curved the hull is. A high rocker means the hull is deeply curved; this makes it more maneuverable. You want a high rocker for whitewater riding, and a low rocker for touring and cruising.

Ocean Kayak Reviews

Ocean Kayak Reviews: Some Of The Most Popular Models

The Prowler

ocean kayak reviewsIf you’re looking for a sport kayak that’s both powerful and comfortable, Ocean Kayaks has just the right product for you. The company specializes in sit-on-top kayaks for sport, touring, fishing, and recreation. They have continuously improved the original sit-on-top design since 1971, and perfected manufacturing to produce some of the most durable kayaks in the market. All Ocean Kayaks are made of rotomolded polyethylene and UV-insulated to keep them looking like new.  Continue down this article for the rest of the Ocean Kayak reviews. Continue reading

Cobra Kayak Review

Many Types, Many Uses: A Cobra Kayak Review

cobra kayak reviewCobra Kayaks makes high-quality sit-on-tops for all sorts of use, from casual paddling to wave riding. Their kayaks and accessories are individually crafted for the perfect fit, with custom watertight hatches, kayak seats, paddles, and tie-down straps. All Cobra kayaks are made of rotomolded, UV-resistant polyethylene to provide easy handling and durability. What’s more, each kayak comes with a lifetime warranty to ensure years of efficient use.You can choose from 13 models in Cobra’s product line. Each one is outfitted for a specific purpose, so there’s sure to be a Cobra kayak for anyone. They are also available in five colors: green, yellow, orange, blue, and white. Here’s a quick Cobra kayak review guide to help you find the right Cobra kayak for you.  Continue reading

Coleman Kayak Review

The Coleman Kayak Review

coleman kayak reviewColeman takes pride in being “the greatest name in camping gear,” but it offers excellent water sports products as well. For instance, the company carries some of the most durable and affordable inflatable kayaks in the market. Coleman Inflatable Boats feature an Airtight system that guarantees against leaking for kayaks and all their inflatable products. Their inflatable kayaks are perfect for those who like to travel light or for first-timers looking for something inexpensive to learn with. They are not the best performing kayaks and are considered to be “toys” by more experienced kayakers, but they are certainly durable, practical, and give you great value for your money.  Continue reading